In my passing


In my passing over from this life, there are things left unsaid, so I say here:


If I died a slow and painful death, please do not be sad, all the pain and suffering are now gone and I am at peace.


If I died suddenly and quickly, then I hope it was helping someone in a desperate situation. I want to be remembered as a kind and helpful person.


But no matter how I came to pass, know that I left this world leaving loved ones behind to carry memories of me to tell others of me.


Weep not for my leaving this life, but celebrate the love I was able to share with so many.


For those I knew who passed away before me, I will see you soon. For those who pass away after me, I hope it is a LONG time before I see you again.


For the friends I leave behind, I have shared my life with you, this, I will never forget.


For the loved ones who continue without me, I have shared my heart with you, and I will always be with you.


For the special ladies, who I have loved, I have shared my soul. You are all beautiful ladies who I hold dearest to my heart.


If I have a lady who is most precious when I passed away, be not afraid of going on without me, for I will forever be with you in memories and in spirit.


So, now that I am gone, hold me eternally to your heart, and carry the memories of the time we shared on this planet with you forever.


I may not be there in person to live with you, but, I will always be with you in spirit.


This way, I will live forever.


Jeff Friend