I found a picture..

I found a picture, of a girl and a boy.
They look so happy, in their youthful time.
She is beautiful, lovingly holding his arm.
He is smiling, so lucky to have her at his side.

They know nothing of the world ahead,
How they will grow, love and eventually part.
They have no idea what awaits them out there,
In the big bad world and in the years ahead.

They were known around the tiny town,
As a couple, strong and proud.
They were together everywhere,
Inseparable to the end.

When the love they knew,
knew no bounds,
Except for when she was grounded,
For wanting to be with him.

She remembers the night they met,
At Youth Group one night in July.
How he fell for her and her for him,
Lifelong bonds created never to be lost.

He remembers them riding bicycles out to the lake.
The heat burning at their throats.
With no water bottle, to quench her thirst,
They peddled on for what seemed an eternity.

But alas, their time together ended,
They parted, hurt and angry.
Their love was still strong,
As it still is today.

The memories this picture brings,
Softens my heart even more.
Shades of a bygone era,
I'm talking about 21 years ago.

This picture I have found,
Was lost for so long.
It only came to me tonight,
I'll treasure it forever.

Jeff Friend
29/10/2003 - 12:35am