Oh the way in to so many peoples hearts is in the way of a message. I am but a mere person traversing this world to the best of my ability. I have sought to find the true meaning of my coexistence within my own existence. My roads wonder far and long and have more then once lead me in circles. The paths I set in motion are some that never start for me for the fear of the ending. Now the road brings me to a great many intersections that hold my future. My choice of roads to take from here will lay a new foundation of my own self.


I have to sit and wonder in my own mind of my past experiences before making my choice. To search the very essence of the soul inside me and allow it to speak out. To make my own self become aware of me the existence. Me, myself and I must conform to some mutual link and achieve discussion. The three are separate and but of course one yet with none of the other two. I am the living of what is now. Myself must take actions of what I and do those. Me must understand my needs and wants and allow I to pick and myself to follow through.


The table lays with one other seat that me, myself, and I reside at. The seat is hardly ever filled because the spirit of my inner self for the most part stays away. The unison of all of these when together create the next level of true understanding of ones self. Yet the reaching of this aspect is limited to the far reaches of when the inner self can be freed to join the three. The outer self hinders the inner self from motion and action because of all it knows. Society conditions

all of us this way to keep the inner self dormant and allow only the outer self to show. I pity my own, for I even knowing this, can not always achieve what it takes to free my inner self.


Of all in this I look deep inside and reflect upon my words to find no hope for those whom would throw away this letter. I see the aspects of all of this oh to often and I do this as well. Heed the words for some value you find in yourself.