Reflections On One's Past - Part II


I once wrote a page called "Reflections On Ones Past". Here is an update….

At the time of writing this, I have been single now for about 5 months and I find myself looking at the women in my life now.

First and foremost, there is the beautiful and caring Leisa. Leisa and I have been very close friends for many years. I met Leisa through her Mother Bev. It was in Easter of '98 that I decided, after months of chatting to Leisa and swapping pictures over the Internet, that I would drive down to visit her and her family in Beresford NSW. What Leisa didn't know was that I was coming for a visit. In our phone calls and chats on the 'Net, Leisa had requested on many occasions that I come down for a visit. Well, Bev and I made arrangements to do just that. I got to around the corner from their place and stopped, picked up the mobile and called, all preplanned. Shaun answered the phone and I told him I was around the corner. He put Leisa on, saying that one of the guys from his work wanted to say Hi. I said Hi to Leisa and then just stated chatting. Unbeknownst to Leisa, I was by this time, walking up the driveway to her house. I got to the door and said "Are you going to open the front door and let me in or what?" Well, Leisa screamed, threw down the phone and charged at me like a wounded bull. Luckily I caught her as she leapt on me from about 10 feet away. We were inseparable. I spent the Easter weekend with them and was very sad to leave. After I got home, Leisa and I would spend hours on the phone. All the while growing closer. A large part of my heart is held for this special lady.

Secondly, there is Wendy. Another beautiful lady. I was just sitting on ICQ one day and all of a sudden, I get this message saying that "I LOVE Casper.." Being the Friendlyghost that I am, I replied and we struck up a conversation. Wendy and I chatted about various things, work, the Internet and just general chatty subjects. One day, we decided to meet in person. At the arranged time, I was waiting in the mall when I got a call on my mobile from Wendy telling me she will be there in 30 seconds. We kept on the phone anyway until we could see each other. Wendy is a knockout! We went for coffee in the Myer Centre and I politely informed her that her top button was undone. Now, Wendy still believes I had a good look before I told her, though I assure anyone reading this, that was not the case… (THAT time anyway) After coffee, we walked around and I purposely steered us into a store called "Lush". This store sells all kinds of fragrant soaps and other nice smelly goods. I HAD A PLAN!!! After giving Wendy a false sense of security, by gently allowing her to sample the aromas of the soaps and creams I held for her, I filled a ladel with a white creamy lotion and said "This one smells really nice", all the while holding it for Wendy to sample the smell. As soon as Wendy got close enough, I dipped her nose into the cream and pulled the ladel away. There she was, standing in the middle of the store, with a pile of white cream dripping from the end of her nose. It was a classic minty moment. You had to be there….

And then there is the sensual and cute butted Denise. Denise and I met through a mutual friend, John. She and her daughter Samantha came up from Sydney for a visit in July and spent a week here as my guests. We went to dinner at Genghis Khan, had lunch at Montville on my birthday, spent a day at Movieworld (nice bellybutton and butt shot on the video too)… Basically had a really good time. Not that much to tell really about Denise as she was actually here to visit John. Oh, that's right… Denise has a REALLY nice nightie too….. I keep telling her that she HAS to bring that up next time she comes for a visit. I do like Denise a lot. Probably more than she realises… Maybe even a lot more than she realises.

So, here I am, single, with these women who I have so much affection for, feeling a little sad because out of these ladies, I have more feelings for one than the others, as one would expect. This lady knows who she is and she knows I would do anything to be with her. But alas, this may never happen.

So what does one do? How can I hold a candle for three ladies? Well, I just don't do anything about it. I will remain single, loving them from afar. That seems the best way to handle this for now.

But, what will the future bring? Let's see…..


Jeff Friend


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