Reflections On One’s Past III

It’s been just over 4 years since I wrote part 2 of my “Reflections on One’s Past”. In it I wrote about the ladies who had shared small parts of my life. I think an update is in order, for those who may have an interest.

After part 2, I didn’t meet any women for a while except through my friends club. Here, I met Kerri. Now, Kerri is married and we have never been more than friends. Kerri was living in Toowoomba and working at the club 5 nights a week. Instead of her driving all that way each day, I offered my second bedroom to her so she didn’t have to drive 350K’s per day. Kerri took this offer with A LOT of apprehension. I can understand this as she didn’t know me. I could have been a serial killer, a rapist or anything. The first couple of times she stayed here, things were a bit tense. But over a period of a few weeks, Kerri came to know that she was safe staying here at my place. It was different having food in the fridge! Kerri began to call this place her second home. In time though, Kerri’s husband got a transfer to Canberra where they now live. I was back to having my place to myself.

During the time Kerri was here, I met another lady named Larna. “Helllloooo” was the first thought that went through my mind. Now, Larna reminded me a lot of a certain lady I went out with many years ago, and I was honest with her about this. Larna is a beautiful red haired lady with a stunning physique. The second I saw her, I don’t know, I just knew we would be friends. That was a week before her 20th birthday. I told Larna that she reminded me of Mandy, the hair, features... All were similar. One night while watching a DVD at Larna’s place, I found myself watching Larna more than the DVD. Afterwards, I told her that I realized why I like her so much, and that is because of her, NOT because of who she reminds me of. Larna replied with “I was worried about that”. Over the next year, Larna and I went out many times with other friends or just on our own. I arranged a picnic at Mt Tambourine, we walked along the beach at Mooloolaba and had dinners and lunches with friends. What more could a man ask for? I had the friendship of a lady who I considered the best lady friend I had had in many years. Towards the end of 2005, Larna told me that she loves me, as a friend. I told her the same. Then, Christmas 2005 and New Years were blown apart by a massive, unforeseen and disastrous sentence from Larna, “I think you want to be more than friends”. This blew me away and as of now, it’s been about 3 weeks since we spoke and 3 months since we last saw each other. The last image I have of Larna is of her being driven away.

Now Susan, this is a weird story! Susan has no real home. Susan is a free spirit who works in Brisbane for a few weeks or so, then packs up her Combie and just goes where ever she wants to go. When she starts to run out of money, she comes back and works another few nights or so. Susan still has clothing in my wardrobe in the second bedroom, but she isn’t here much.. I get the occasional SMS or email where she says she still loves me. 

A few months ago, I got a phone call from a lady who I had never heard from. She introduced herself as Monique, a student of a mutual friend’s pole dancing classes. Monique told me that she had been given my number as a person who could possibly help her get into one of the clubs here in Brisbane that cater for “pole dancers”. Well, of course I can. So Monique came to Brisbane all the way from near Byron on a Tuesday night to check out ShowGirls. We went in and during the evening I introduced Monique to management and she asked me various questions about the club. One question was “Do you get many fights in here?” My reply was “at a nightclub, guys who have had too much to drink usually are fighting over the same girl. Either they both like her, or some guy is trying to chat up another guy’s girlfriend. In a strip club, the guys are not there to pickup, so fights rarely happen”. Anyway, Monique started work at the club 2 nights later. And wouldn’t you know it, when I went to pick her up at 5:30am, I was told that there was a fight in the club and it was over Monique! Great introduction to the industry! Monique stayed at my place in the second bedroom vacated by Kerri for the next month or so. Monique also helped me get past all the drama I had at Christmas time (see above). After a while, Monique left our club and moved to another. I don’t see Monique as much anymore now.

I got a phone call from a lady named Chanel about a month ago. I had offered Chanel the room vacated by Kerri, Monique and the part time Susan, late last year. She wanted to know if the room was still available. I said it was, but Susan was here occasionally. I picked up Chanel from the airport and she is now living in my second room. Chanel is a very nice young lady who I have found to be quite intriguing. Chanel works about 7 nights a week. I hope she can handle this. Chanel says she wants to go home soon. I get this feeling my second bedroom will be vacated soon.

Last but not least, I now also have Naomi and Samantha staying here on weekends as well. I have known Naomi for a couple of years through Kerri (see above). Naomi is the teacher of Monique’s pole dancing classes. Talk about a small world! Naomi has come up from Coff’s Harbor to stay a couple of nights a week here for the last couple of weeks. Last weekend, Naomi bought up this adorable and very nice lady named Samantha. Naomi had told me of this Sam a week ago. She told me that Sam was very attractive. But when I opened the door, WOW! Anyway, Naomi and Sam worked the Friday night, but on Saturday, Sam was sick. I had gone to a dinner and when I got to the club, one of the hostesses told me that Sam had gone home sick. Naomi also told me the same thing. I got my keys off Naomi so I could go home. I had to make sure. When I got there, Sam was asleep on my bed. I just laid down beside her, but WAY on the other side of the bed as to not disturb her, and fell asleep. just after 3am, Sam woke up, and I asked if she was OK. We chatted for about 2 hours and fell asleep again. On the Sunday, Sam and I chatted for a couple of hours while Naomi slept. Tell ya what, Sam is very nice :) I hope Sam comes back with Naomi, it’ be a shame if I never got to chat to her again. just a feeling, but I don’t know if she will :(

All of the ladies in here are who I call some of “My Ladies”. They are My Ladies as they are my friends and I care about them a great deal. I don’t have a girlfriend at home; I have 30 at the club. I have never tried anything with these ladies, any of them. They are my friends and will forever be, no matter what. They know that while staying at my place, they are safe.

I wonder if I ever will find a lady to fall in love with (notice I say “in love” with?). I love my ladies, don’t get me wrong, but they are friends.

So what’s next? Who will be here after Chanel goes? Will another of my ladies need a place to stay? Will I still have food in my fridge? Fate has a way of bringing people together

Time will tell..

Jeff Friend


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