A Girl On A Stage


A girl on a stage, dancing to music, sometimes romantic, sometimes a little upbeat. After the first song, she slips her top off. Dancing as though mesmerised by the music, she seductively looks around at the men surrounding the stage. Some of these men have been here before, for others, this is their first time. At the start of the third song, the girl’s brassiere makes its way to the top which was discarded a few minutes ago. You can hear the men in the audience moan over a drink with approval as the dancer teases them with her enchanting moves. Her underwear ends up on the brassiere soon after. The dancer is naked, sexy and beautiful. An extraordinary vision for the men seated along the stage. Some of the guys hold up plastic money for the dancer as a tip. Taking this donation, the dancer pays the man some “special attention” for about 30 seconds. All this in front of the crowd, who cheer with delight. With her sensual moves, her fringe half covering her face giving the most erotic look she can, this dancer hooks one of the spectators into parting with his money for a private dance once this dance is complete. Then, the show is over. The crowd cheers and applauds the dancer for a job well done. Another dancer takes her place. Once dressed, she moves in on her new friend. He pays for his private “lap dance” and the dancer and customer move to the area for these dances. This area is dimmer than the main stage area, more personal.


Any lady who works in a strip club, be them a bar person, security, dancer or manager are frowned upon by most of society because of the nature of the business.


For the last 7˝ years, I have had an association with the owner of one of Brisbane's best strip clubs. During this time, I have come to respect the men and ladies who work in this industry as they are not what TV, films and the narrow minded make them out to be. A strip club is just that, a strip club. This club does not offer sex to the customers, just a way to make men feel good, and the occasional lady as well.


I have noticed in the last few years a trend. A trend where more and more women are coming into these clubs to watch the ladies on stage. At times, it may be a couple of ladies who are curious about what goes on here. Quite often, it is a lady and her partner coming in. Even a Hen’s Night might come in to see the show. I have even seen a time when a lady and her partner came in, he didn’t want to be there, so he left. Left her there, in a strip club on her own. Some of these ladies who come into our establishment even get lap dances (NOT that there is anything wrong with this of course). These dancers have bodies that a lot of women would die for. They are not hussies or whores, they are proud of their bodies and if men will pay good money to see it, then why not?


The club itself is just like any other bar in town, except this one has scantly clad ladies who earn a living showing off assets that the men like to see. These women, elegant in their lingerie, are making probably more money than half the people who come in here. To these ladies, dancing is a means to an end. Some of these ladies are enrolled in educational institutions, dancing to pay their way to a degree. Others have full time jobs and dance to earn extra money to fulfil their dreams. Dreams which will come true I am sure. A few dance full time.


In the past, these dancers would have been considered by society to be nothing more than prostitutes or drug addicts. This is not the case. The stripping industry is changing. More and more people are accepting the fact that men AND women, like to watch. Maybe they are a little voyeuristic?


I have become friends with all the girls that dance at the club I go to. When I walk in, one by one they will come up to me and give me a big hug. We usually ask how each other is, how our week has been and general chit chat. I have even seen some of these ladies outside the club, be it for a movie, dinner or both. I have taken a few of these ladies to my work Christmas parties (being single does have it’s advantages). In fact, one of my closest lady friends, who I love like a sister, used to dance to pay her way through college. Another lady I know, still dances, but I don’t get to see her nearly enough as she has moved to another club. I do miss her.


The next time you go to our club, please don’t think that the girls are there just to get her gear off or that they are dumb enough that this is all they can do. These girls are intelligent, wonderful ladies who live and breathe just like the rest of the people in our society. All of these ladies deserve respect as human beings. Some are mothers, wives or girlfriends.


But most of all, they are my friends.



Jeff Friend

25 July, 2004


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