Online Games Page

Sometimes, even I get bored. Here are a list of online flash games I like to play. Some require sound, some are silent.. These games will open up in a new window as they are external websites.

A few things I have found with these games:

1: Maximize the new windows on all of these games.

2: Adjust the game to the middle of the screen so you can see as much as possible

3: These games have sound, so make sure it is turned up.

4: Enjoy :)



A game of skill. Use your mouse to shoot a hook onto the ceiling to keep your robot swinging. Cute.

Slot Flash

A Slot Machine.. Need I say more?

Roll Roll Roll

Keep the ball rolling without it falling off. Use your arrow keys.

The Maze

A game of skill. I have never gotten past level 3. Can you?


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