Greetings and welcome to my little space on the 'Net


To most, the world beyond the visible is a place they never venture. The mere thought of things that go bump in the night is enough to panic them into turning tail and running back to their pitiable reality. But to some of us, the so called "normal" reality also has dark corners which are mostly hidden from others for fear of being labelled as freaks, Devil worshippers or Satanists. We do not care for the scepticism of those with closed minds. We have our own beliefs and ideas, which as far as we are concerned are normal.

I first became interested in the paranormal many years ago when I was a small child. Horror movies of the bygone era planted the seeds of an interest to learn about the powers of the mind, ghosts, witches and anything linked to these.

On the pages herein, one will not learn anything that is not already available on the 'Net or in books, one will only read MY opinion of various facets of what I have learned or read from many books.  

So, take this last step into my mind. Venture forth those who have an open mind.