Byron Bay - Julian Rock

27 & 28 January 2006


Shane and I dragged Rachael and Brian down to Byron for a Saturday of diving on Julian Rocks. 

Our briefing. Ours consisted really of we will jump in here, and end up wherever..

One of the boats loaded with 12 kits, all ready to get wet.

I met this very nice lady from Japan. Her name is Sato. Sato is travelling around Australia for a year.

We told our dive guide that we wanted to see Cuttlefish on this trip. They did not disappoint us :)We saw a total of 3 of these cute little critters. This one was with a buddy but too far apart to get them both in the picture.

There are quite a few Blue Gropers at Julian Rocks. There is one in particular named "Monty" (this is not him though). Monty will let you come up and pat his snout. Really friendly fish he is.

Rachael & Brian at about 13 meters. With about 50 dives between them both, they are very excited to be under the water. Rachael and Brian have dived the S.S. Yongala, a site I still want to visit off Townsville.

I am yet to work out what Rachael is doing here, looks like some kind of dance?

I think the Lionfish is a beautiful species of fish. Though they are very dangerous, they do make a nice photo.

Moreton Bay Bug - nice to eat, better to see in the wild.

I have a couple of videos that I took at Julian as well.

Moray Eel - 2.5MB

Blue Groper - 6.8MB


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