Byron Bay, 28 January 2007

Byron Bay, for those who don't know, is located about 165 kilometers south of Brisbane. Boasting to have Australia's easterly most point of land (153 39 E), Byron Bay is a laid back place. Shane and I often go to Byron for the diving on Julian Rock, in particular, Hugo's Trench on the Rock's south east corner. Unfortunately, this trip, we could not get to the trench due to the currents. So we did 1 dive on The Nursery and 1 on The Needles. We stayed at the Byron Bay Dive Centre back packer rooms above the dive shop on Saturday night after a dive on the Gold Coast Seaway. At 6AM (local time), we got our gear together and was ready for a great day of underwater photography.

The Dive Shop with the back packer rooms above.

A stone Fish. These are a dangerous fish as they just sit there looking like a rock. They can inflict ALOT of pain if you stand on one.

They are hard to spot, but after a while of diving, you can see them easier.

When I first spotted this Moray Eel, it was outside his home. I got this photo and started to leave when I saw a second one in there. The picture I took of the 2 didn't turn out that well.

This turtle had a tag on it's flipper with the number 184 on it.


This fella was such a bright guy. Does anyone know what this fish is?

Now, there is no need to try to get up close to Monty, he will come up to you.


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