Deep Explorer

4 March 2003

On this trip, 12 of us headed out to Moreton Bay to a site called "Gotham City". Here, the boat anchored in the middle of 2 large rocks and by the time we got to the anchor, it had dragged about 30 meters, the current was that strong. My dive buddy, Evan, and I got to the bottom and both of us had used about half our air in that short time. I was able to get a picture of a Moray Eel before it was time to head back up.


On the way up, I took a picture of the surface from about 20 meters down.

On the second dive, I saw my first Nudibranch for the year. I also made a mental note "ALWAYS have memory card IN camera if you want to take MORE than 20 pictures"..


When the turtle swam away, I noticed his hind left flipper was missing. I couldn't get a good look, but it looks like it was bitten off by a shark or some other creature.


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