Cherub's Cave and Henderson's Reef,

July 9, 2006.

The new "Deep 30 club" of Prodive, of which I am a member, chartered the Deep Explorer for 2 dives on Sunday the 9th of July to Cherub's Cave and Henderson's Reef.

We set out at 7am, well, 8 really, and it took us about an hour and a half to get to the sites on the Pacific Ocean side of Moreton Island. It was COLD! How cold? Well, just look at this picture

No, that's not a Ninja, it's Rob with his diving hood on for warmth. I wonder what Lana is thinking right here?

Once we got to the site, we got our gear on and hit the water. The first thing I saw when I got in was..

This Grey Nurse Shark was about 6 feet in size. There were 5 of them around on the first dive.  I do have a video of one of them, it is available below.

A Wobbygong Shark. Placid animals, just don't grab their tails..

A Nudibranch.

Back to the boat.

The second dive on this day was my 100th dive. There is a myth that the 100th dive is supposed to be a "nude dive". Well, shucks, I didn't know it was my 100th until I downloaded my computer at home the day after. Too late. Oh well.. Maybe the 200th. (yeah RIGHT)


The shark video is 5.6MB, so it may take a while to download. Get it here:


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