Gold Coast Seaway

14 January 2007

The Gold Coast Seaway is at the inlet of The Spit on the Gold Coast. A shore dive, the hardest part of the dive is getting in and out as the entry and exit point is part of a rock wall and very slippery. But the dive is a pleasant and easy dive for anyone. I only got 9 meters on this dive.

This octopus was hard to spot as it slept.

There are a couple of pipes under the water and there is a wide variety of marine life.

The Pineapple Fish in this area keep coming up almost demanding their picture be taken.

A Hermit Crab basking in the shallow waters.

I have no idea what fish this is (I must learn about the more common fish)

After Shane took that picture of the Hermit Crab, I went for a look. This little fella met me and gave me a stern look!

The problem with shore dives is the possibility of getting hooked by deserted fishing gear. I did pick up about half a dozen sinkers for Rob who melts them down and makes weights out of them.


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