HMAS Brisbane

1 July 2006

Divers: Jeff, Shane, Steve, Belinda, Rob, Margo, Russell and Justin.

On Friday, the 31st of July, we headed up to Mooloolaba and booked into the Alexandra on the Pacific motel. A very nice place across from the water. Ocean views, spa, pool.. And 7 people in a 2 bedroom apartment. Shane and I were the first to arrive and we quickly made the second room ours. Rob and Margot arrived an hour later, then the rest arrived over the next few hours. After a night of sleep, we headed to SunReef to get ready to head to the Brisbane.

Unfortunately, I was not able to get a picture of the bow as I usually do due to the fact that during the dive, as I was passing through one of the ship's hatch's, my camera tether was ripped apart by a surge pushing me onto the side of the door. The camera is OK, no damage there. After this incident though, I had to hold the camera all the way and I just didn't get to the bow. But I did get these pictures.

Some people call these yabbies, but it's a shrimp.

This looks like a kind of jelly. I have no idea, anyone know?

After the dives, we headed back to port. That night, all 8 of us went to the Hogs Breath for dinner.

(From left to right) Justin, me, Shane, Rob, Margot, Steve, Belinda and Russell.

I have a 11.8MB video here taken during the first dive. It is a large file, but if you want it, get it.

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