HMAS Brisbane, 11 March, 2006.


Shane and I ventured back to the HMAS Brisbane. Our first dive was 46 minutes and I got a few pics. On the second dive, we decided to leave the camera on the boat and just explore with our torches. The dive was aborted after 2 minutes as Shane's "O" Ring seal blew while at 14 meters. I turned around to find Shane nowhere in sight ("sight being about 3 meters). I did what I was trained to do, looked around for a minute, then surfaced. That's when I saw Shane back on the boat. I climbed out and was told what happened. Shane had 2 minutes, I had 6 for our second dive. I came up with 196 bar of air, Shane had 50. These things happen.

The vis was, well, Shane told us MANY times on the day that it "was better in Vanuatu". I think I will just let the pictures tell you...

First up, my usual picture of the bow first.

I tried to pretty up the pictures, but with the condition of the water, forget it.

A plaque on the forecastle. "Beaver Sales"?

Shane is only about 2 meters away from me in this photo.

The vis was that bad, yep, that's shocking!


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