EX-HMAS Brisbane, 18 November 2006


Shane and I decided to hit the Brisbane again. On this day however, our gear would not cooperate and neither did the weather OR the sea itself. We first knew we were in trouble when we both forgot to take Kwells (seasick tablets) along. Once we got to the site, Shane entered the water and I was just about to when I heard my regulator free flowing. This isn't good I thought. About 10 minutes of trying to get this going and losing about 30 bar of air, I finally strided into the water. Shane was being "tea bagged" since getting in and found his occy was free flowing as well. We aborted that dive. After lunch, we geared up again, me with a loan reg and Shane with a loan occy. Camera in hand, I headed with Shane to the deck. However, for the entire 45 minutes we were there, I was fighting surge, current, my camera and my torch. (Mental note - ONLY take camera OR torch, NOT both on a rough day). My buoyancy was all over the place, I struggled to use my Alpha 2000 (battery pack on tank and lead to torch head) torch. So, this dive was a waste of time as well. Back at the surface, I "fed the fish (Hmm.. I don't remember eating that!)". We headed back and I was so glad to see the jetty when we got back.

I did get my obligatory picture of the bow as I always try to do and a couple of other photos as well.

The bow of the Brisbane, now been there for 15 and a half months.

This is a vew through one of the cut outs in the hull. I just thought it was a nice shot..

Shane recovering from being "tea bagged".

Funny, after our 12 dives on the Coolidge, we ask ourselves "Why do we dive here?"

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