HMAS Brisbane

3 September 2005


The HMAS Brisbane was guided missile destroyer in the Royal Australian Navy.

 Decommissioned and scuttled off the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, the ex HMAS Brisbane will be a divers paradise over the next hundred years or more. The ship is still intact, as it was when it was sunk. However, there is already an eerie film of sea moss and a few small fish making the Brisbane their new home.

The Brisbane sits in about 27 meters of water, making it accessible to all divers. The funnels at low tide can clearly be seen as they are about 2 meters from the surface.

The pics below are only a few of the 30 or so that I took on this trip. I intend to go back every couple of months at least.

The anchor chain on the bow of the Brisbane.

You can see in this picture, the cabinet has already started to deteriorate.

The sea moss described above can easily be seen.

A control panel under attack from  the elements of the ocean.


I have a small 27 second clip taken on the forcastle. The file is 6.6MB.


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