Manta Ray Bommie, Stradbroke Island

14 January 2006

Manta Ray Bommie is located just off one of the beaches of Stradbroke Island. There are Manta Rays, Blue Spotted Rays, Shovel Nose, Leopard Sharks and many other species of marine life. We had 2 dives here. 50 and 46 minutes respectively. Max depth of about 16 meters, though I did find 20 at one time, or so my Suunto Cobra says..

Enough babble.. Here's a few of the 165 pictures or videos I took.

Margo, Rachael and Shane just as we started the second dive


This Manta Ray was about 2.5 to 3 meters across.

Then he just flew right over my head. Magnificent creature.

Leopard Sharks are fairly tolerant of us strange things in the water. You can get up close and personal before they decide to swim away. I gently grabbed one by the tail and it felt rough, as a sharks skin does of course.

We say HEAPS of these small Spotted Rays. I caught this one in flight.


Playing around with the macro setting on my camera again. This was the brightest vegetation in the area.

2 great dives and a fantastic day out.


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