Ocean Cat - 24 March 2007

A group of us from Deep 30 made our way to Scarborough Marina to board Ocean Cat. Our first dive was at Gotham City. Here, we spent what seemed like an eternity  photographing the marine life and the surrounding area. We got very close to our no deco limit so Shane and I headed back to the boat. Though, not before I got a photo of a memorial plaque in a sheltered spot.

I personally didn't know Nev, but I paid my respects anyway.

Shane as we made our way back.

Our second dive was the Cementco. The hoppers are open and it is an easy dive for anyone. You can get right inside this wreck and see the deterioration over the years.

The water is calm on the inside..

Yeah well, just a Nemo.

The third dive of the day was on the Arhus. I didn't take my camera down for this one as the current had been pretty bad all day. Besides, I did have a bit of a headache.


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