Stradbroke Island

Moreton Bay

Flat Rock & Shag Rock


Shaun, Andrew, Pierre, Shane and I met up at Toondah Harbour nice and early. How early?

This photo was taken at about 4:45AM on Saturday morning. Who's big idea was it to go diving THIS EARLY???????

Once we got to Manta Lodge & Scuba Centre, geared up and sat about watching everyone else get ready. Just prior to launch, we headed to Cylinder beach where we waited for the arrival of the boat


Shane, Andrew and Pierre. With Shaun and the dive guides in the background.

Our first dive was supposed to be Manta Ray Bommie. Unfortunately when we arrived, the sea was way too choppy for a safe dive, so we headed to Flat Rock. We were given the usual dive brief, you know, come back in 50 minutes or when you have 50 bar left, whichever comes first. At 20 meters, and coming back up with over 100 bar, time was against us. At Shag Rock, we managed 12 meters and 46 minutes (45 was the limit) with a nice swim through.


Only problem was on the other side of the swim through, the current was strong. Shane made the comment later that he was swimming along and seeing the same part of the rock not moving! It was a hard swim.

These were just pretty enough to get a photo of..

Cuttlefish. These 2 were hovering around about the 10 meter mark.

Inside a small cave, there were dozens of these and other fish.

A self portrait. Yeah well... Enough said..


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