Tweed River, New South Wales.

22nd April 2006.

Shane, Rob, Rachel, Brianand I made a trip to the Tweed River on the border of QLD and NSW for a shore dive. Once we got there, Rachel and Brian hired a tank each from Kirra Dive and Shane and I got an air fill as well.

The Tweed River doesn't offer the most exciting dive, but it isn't the worst dive either..

This small fish was hard to photograph as it darts around when you get close. Slippery little sucker!

The Tweed has a few turtles in it as well. I found this one with it's head stuck in a pipe looking for food.

Nice and clear.


I also took a 35 second clip of the turtle as well. It can be seen here.


That makes 90 dives for me now.


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