Allan Power Dive and "Coffee Bun" Gallery.

(Google Earth: Coolidge -  1531'28.00"S, 16714'4.76"E. Allan Power Dive Tours -  1530'53.29"S, 16710'32.15"E)

After the morning dive, it is a tradition for everyone to go back to Allan's place for "Coffee Bun". This involves, well, coffee and buns..

It is hard to imagine, that just where that boat it, there's a ship on the bottom. You can't see it from here, but the Coolidge is just about 200 meters off the shore.

All ready to get wet.

Back row: Matthew, Me, Garry, Shane, Rod and Lionel. Front row: Katherine and Alfred 1.

Allan Power Dive Tours, Santo, Vanuatu. (Photo Courtesy Allan Power)

Jock. Now, when Allan returns home with the divers, Jock knows it is time for a fresh bone. Maybe it's Allan's way of keeping Jock out of the way, otherwise, look at the next picture..

Katherine wanted to take Jock home, but I really don't think Allan would let her. Am I asleep there?

Relaxing after the dive. If you ask Allan, he will bring out all his folders and books on the Coolidge and he will answer any questions about the great ship that you ask. Allan is an authority on this ship and it's history.

Still relaxing and chatting.

Shane, Allan and myself. (Note the shirt??)


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