The Deco Stop Lodge

(Google Earth:  1530'39.03"S, 16711'0.66"E - pool deck)

Cathy was not at the Deco Stop Lodge when we arrived. She had sent us an email saying she was going to be in Sydney for a few days and would arrive on Wednesday. Well, Cathy arrived on Friday  arvo instead so we didn't  get much time to catch up.

(Photo courtesy of the Deco Stop web page)

Below are just a few of the pictures I took while I was there. Due to my camera going missing, I do not have all the pictures that I took.

Pool and deck. This is looking from the restaurant area out.

The restaurant area next to the pool, which is just off to the left.

The aptly named "Club Narcosis". All meals and anything you need for your stay is arranged here.

Breakfast area.

Looking towards the pool deck. Our room was just to the left from here with a view of the channel and islands.

Part of the covered walkway to the lodge.

Even the three little pigs bought a friend.

Dinner. Clockwise starting with my bald head: Me (obviously), Gail, Rod, Matthew, Katherine, Emma, Michael, Kerry, Anya and Simon. Shane took the picture so he doesn't get in it.

Cathy's "Girls". This was taken the night before we left.


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