Million Dollar Point.

(Google Earth -  1531'30.55"S, 16714'41.46"E )

Million Dollar point got it's name from the military hardware that was dumped there by the American Army at the end of WWII. The US Army offered the surplus equipment to the local people and government but the locals knew that the Americans did not have enough room on their ships to take all of the equipment. The had thought that the Americans would just up and leave all of this surplus for them in the long run anyway, but the Americans had another idea. They dumped it all into the bay about a kilometer east of the Coolidge and then left. The cost of the equipment was around the Million dollar mark, hence the name "Million Dollar Point". The diving here is fairly shallow, you can get to about 50 meters if you go right out. But close to the chore, the depth is around 30 meters anyway, and this makes for a nice dive.

Me at the point.

A forklift

A tractor.


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