Wolf Rock

5 & 6 November 2005


Wolf Rock is located 3 nautical miles off Rainbow Beach in Queensland. I didn't take many pictures on this trip, as when we got to about 26 meters on all 4 dives, we were surrounded by 6 to 8, 5 to 6 foot Grey Nurse Sharks. So, I just put my camera into video mode and took ALOT of video instead. I did get a couple of pics too..

Wolf Rock Dive Centre

Lionfish. They are a beautiful, yet dangerous critter. The ends of it's fins have spikes which can inflict ALOT of pain.

Look at them teeth! The Grey Nurse Shark. Ignore the spots on the picture... I am going to have to get a strobe for my camera to avoid these.

The visibility wasn't the greatest. Only about 5 to 10 meters at the best of times. However, even with the short vis, it was awesome being in the presence of  one of the oceans most feared predators.


I have a small 3MB movie of a lionfish up close

and of a grey nurse

There is also a 9MB file of 4 sharks here. Warning modem users: At 56K, this will take quite a while to download.


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