PADI Deep Diver course

29 April to 2 May, 2005.

Esperance Star


My gear is on the rack, with the white tank. I used a 12.2 litre steel tank for this course. The steel let me drop 2 weights.

The seas were perfect for the first 2 days of our 3 day trip. This is looking to the east of Moreton Island, out to the Pacific.

The Esperance Star was the vessel for the course. As well as pleasure dives for the weekend. Of the 11 dives on offer, I did 9. 3 of these for the course and the rest for pleasure.

Divers, instructors, deckhands and the skipper discuss the plan for the weekend.

The Monday morning sunrise over Moreton Island.

Here I am at a depth of 36.6 meters. I was actually not supposed to go below 30 on this dive, but me being a naughty boy...


My dives details for the weekend were:

Dive 1 - Saturday, 9:14am, Gotham City, 36.6 meters, 29 minutes

Dive 2 - Saturday, 12:10pm, Cherob's Cave, 29 meters, 32 minutes

Dive 3 - Saturday, 4:14pm, Henderson's Reef (course dive), 22.3 meters, 35 minutes

Dive 4 - Saturday, 7:03pm, Flinders Reef (night dive), 16.2 meters, 35 minutes

Dive 5 - Sunday, 9:04am, St Paul (deep dive for course), 39.3 meters, 37 minutes

Dive 6 - Sunday, 11:57am, Robert's Shoal, 25.0 meters, 34 minutes

Dive 7 - Sunday, 6:32pm, Flinders Reef (night dive), 14.0 meters, 44 minutes

Dive 8 - Monday, 8:57am, Curtain Artificial Reef (drift dive), 24.4 meters, 29 minutes

Dive 9 - Monday, 11:56am, Curtain Artificial Reef (last dive for course), 24.7 meters, 38 minutes

A total of 5 new sites for me, Gotham City, Cherob's Cave, Henderson's Reef, St Paul & Robert's Shoal.


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