Flinders Reef.

Sunday the 10th of September 2006.


After a few attempts to go diving on Rob's boat, we finally got a day where we could. Margot, Shane, Rob and I met up at the Redcliffe Coast Guard jetty. Once we loaded the boat with all the gear, we started heading out. About 10 minutes into the trip, it was cold enough for all of us to don our scuba gear to keep warm. This didn't do much for Shane though, he was on the starboard side where the waves that came away from the bow crashed over the side. Shane might as well have logged his first dive for the day just on the way out.


The trip out took about an hour. The water was fairly calm and we looked for a certain spot but couldn't find it. So we headed to Flinders Reef. At the Coral Gardens and the Turtle Cleaning Station, I tried out my brand spanking new Sea & Sea DX750G camera with housing. The pictures I took on these sites are so much better than with my old camera as this camera has a strobe which eliminates the "back scatter" you can see on some of my other pictures. Here a few of the 60 or so pictures I took that day. These are just Nudibranchs.

Without the flash or strobe.

With the strobe on.

In macro mode with the strobe on.

All in all, I am very happy with the pictures that I can take with this new camera.


The trip back to Scarborough, we got hit with rain and wind and fairly high seas for Moreton Bay. It took us 3 hours to get back. We were COLD, WET and HUNGRY! So we all went to Margot's place for the BBQ we were supposed to have on the beach at Tangalooma.

My next dive is in Vanuatu on Sunday the 24th of September.


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