Wesley Hospital, Brisbane, Hyperbaric 50meter bounce dive.


The Wesley Hospital in Brisbane has a hyperbaric chamber for use in emergencies. Also, it is used for training purposes and best of all, it is used for diving simulations.

A group of us did a 50 meter dive in the chamber without getting wet. It was funny though, at 50 meters in the chamber, you may as well have been breathing helium for a while. We all sound like chipmunks. It was so funny. Oh, and narked! Well....

The beginning of the simulated dive. The pressure builds so fast, that you are equalizing constantly.

At about 20meters onward, all I had to do was wiggle my jaw to equalize. Hmm, why is Steve looking at that glove in that way?

Yep, we're narked off our nut!

My computer registered a 67 minute dive, with a max depth of 50.8 meters.


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