A life Long Dream Realized


    Since I was about 14, I have had an immense respect for the power of the oceans of Earth. I first watch Jacques-Yves Cousteau (June 11, 1910 - June 25, 1997) and his amazing underwater explorations in his shows which showed in the early 1980's. I can remember waking up on Saturday mornings and having breakfast while watching his divers exploring another world, the world of the sea creatures. I made up my mind then, that one day, sometime in the future, I would learn to be able to dive the sea. Well, it took a LONG time, but, I have done it. 24 years later.


    Ronald & Melinda, Shane and his daughter Renee, Heidi and her daughter Michelle, Linda and  and I went to Seaworld on Queensland's Gold Coast in early May of 2004. Shark Bay had just opened to the public and Melinda suggested we go snorkelling with the sharks. I didn't hesitate. At $50.00 for a 20minute snorkel, how could I refuse? Melinda and I paid our money and while Ronald, Linda and Shane (Heidi and Michelle were off somewhere) watched, we swam around the shark pool. Granted, there were only reef sharks, various stingrays and a variety of fish in this pool, but it started something in me that I hadn't even thought about for many a year. After we got out of the pool, Melinda said to me "How about we get our SCUBA ticket?". Shane said he would go too. Well, that was it.


    I called Pro Dive at Bulimba to enquire about their introductory pool session. I had Melinda, Shane and myself booked in. At work, I was talking to a couple of the guys about it and Lucas said that he and his wife would come along too. So, we had 5 of us wanting to give it a go.


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