Dives at Truck Lagoon on some of the worlds BEST shipwrecks.

We arrived on Friday morning but had to wait till Saturday to get our first dives. I can tell you, I was eager to get in the water.

I have a map of Truk Lagoon with all the sites listed of where we dived. It can be seen here.

Day 1 - Saturday, 7 April. Shinkoku Maru and Yamagiri Maru.

Day 2 - Sunday, 8 April. Aikoku Maru and Fujikawa Maru and a night dive on the Fujikawa.

Day 3 - Monday, 9 April. Nippo Maru and Kiyosumi Maru.

Day 4 - Tuesday, 10 April. San Francisco Maru and Sankisan Maru.

Day 5 - Wednesday 11 April, Hoki Maru, Lunch Tour of Dublon Island and Rio De Janerio Maru

Day 6 - Thursday 12 April, San Francisco Maru Gosei Maru and Betty Bomber

Day 7 - Friday 13 April, Heian Maru and Yamagiri Maru


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