This page is dedicated to the following friends who are no longer with us. Lives cut short.


Andy lived across the road and down to the right a couple of houses from us in Sunset. I remember the "Gemini Disco" that he and his brother Nick ran. We had a party in their back yard with all the current music of the late 70's.

I met Carole in high school in early 1981. We were good friends. A bright and spirited girl.

Peter was one of our "Skating crowd". For the last 3 years in Mount Isa, from '81 to '84, I DJ'd Mount Isa's "Skateland". Peter was a good man who helped out friends in need.

Chris lived directly across the road from us in Sunset. A Cortina driver, he always had a small wallaby in his back yard. I remember Chris as a fairly quiet person. A good skater as well.

"Willy" as we used to call him was a very energetic lad. I only remember him from school really. He helped me out of a couple of tight spots.

"Jimmy" was another of our "Skating crowd". I remember going camping with him, Mandy and someone else one time. We laughed all night.

I didn't really know Brenda as much as I knew the rest here, but we were not enemies in any sense of the word.


Take Them, O Father In Thine Arms
And May They Henceforth Be A Messenger of Peace
Between Our Human Hearts And Thee.


God took them home, it was his will,
But in our hearts, they liveth still. 


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