Mount Isa, 17 to 20 March 2006

Just a few weeks ago, around the 2nd or 3rd of March, I got a phone call from my dear friend Mandy in Mount Isa. Mandy called to invite me to her 40th birthday party on the 18th of March. Being the suck that I am, and having celebrated my 10 years with Volante (Ipex), I decided I would go. I was able to get the company to arrange all the airfares, accommodation and car hire for me using the $1000.00 bonus I get as my longevity award. So, off I went. (Mandy was surprised that I actually showed up!)

Mount Isa is a 2 and a half hour flight north west from Brisbane (for Google Earth users 20 42'32.21S 139 30'24.5E). The plane landed at 10:15am. After collecting my Avis Toyota Avalon, I headed to Sunset. I knew exactly where I was going as I lived in this town for 9 years, 5 years just around the corner from where Jack and Mandy live.

It was a setup that Mandy's parents would have no idea I was coming for the party. When I arrived, Jack met me outside. He went back inside and got Mandy to get her Dad stay in the lounge room. When I knocked, I heard "You want me to get that?" I recognized the voice as Brian, Mandy's father. When he opened the door, there I was. He was pleasantly surprised (I hope) that I was able to make it, so was his wife Kath.

Mandy, Jack, Brian, Kath and I chatted for a while in the dining room. Caught up on a few old stories and general interest chit chat. I met Kelly and Jake as well, the 2 youngest of the children. Elyshia and Ce'Nedra I was to meet later. Vincent, who I met when he was a baby, I wouldn't get to see this trip.

At about 1pm, we arranged to meet at the K-Mart Plaza at 3pm. So I headed off to visit departed friends at the Sunset Lawn Cemetery.  I met the rest at K-Mart as planned. Here, I met Elyshia and Ce'Nedra for the first time. We all went back to Jack and Mandy's place after that. We had pizza for dinner and I headed back to the motel at about 10:30. But before I got there, I made a slight detour to the lookout to get a few pics of Mount Isa Mines at night.

Mount Isa at night is a beautiful sight.

Upon waking up on Saturday, I decided to drive around the town for a few hours to see the sights.

Mandy's birthday party was a success with about 20 people enjoying the night.

On the Sunday, I drove around and had a look at all the houses we lived in while we lived there.

Monday came and it was time to head back to Brisbane. Some people have said that the best view of Mount Isa is when it is in your rear view mirror. Make up your own mind.

I took a total of 172 pictures and over an hour and a half of video.


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