Places of residences from '75 to '84.

10 East Street, June 75 to April 78. Now a set of 2 units, the house that was there burnt down in 1978 while we were on holidays. When I was last in The Isa in 1986, the land was still vacant. I was hoping that it still was.

When the house in East Street burnt down, the Isa Mines put us up in a house in Sulphide Street just behind the Barkley Hotel. We were here from April 78 to about August 78.

Our house in Gemini Street, from August 78 till I left in August 84, never had a 6 foot fence. We did have a dog, but not a guard dog.

Tracey and Neil lived in this house in Simpson Street after they got married. The whole place looks different now. 20 years will do that to a place.

When Dad was teaching at TAFE, he lived in this house in Jones Street. This place hasn't changed at all.


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