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Belinda Co Tour Leader Belinda Ben Ben. A quiet fella. At only 16 he has now become a world traveller. Cameron Cameron got sick and missed a couple of days diving. He bounced back and was ready for more. Darren Darren waiting for lunch. He dived on twins all the time and I noticed his dive buddy Ben using the occy a few times. Greg Greg enjoying the local Budweiser at Group The whole group. From left
Sitting/kneeling: Heath, Greg, Rob, Murray and Pierre.
Standing in front row: Steve, Belinda, Shona, Deryleen, Becky, Jeff Me)
Standing back row: Ben, Darren, Toni (can only see the top of her head), Peter, Cameron and Shane. Heath Heath videoing a small shark that had come to visit us at the lunchtime BBQ on Friday. MurrayNBecky Murray and Becky (had to feel sorry for Becky.. The day we got back to Brisbane, she had an exam at Uni.. Better her than me :) ) PeterNDeryleen Deryleen and Peter were the only married couple in our group. Peter also got some great photos underwater. Deryleen had a go at me because I had T-Bone steak almost everynight for dinner., As far as she is concerned, I am going to turn into one.. Not a bad thought really. Pierre Pierre - Also known as Sushami or Coconut. This guy had a knack for Rob Rob. Taking a video of me taking a photo of him.. Hmm.. Interesting.. Shanenme Shane and myself at Shona Shona. Easy going and a great girl. SteveNickBelinda Steve and Belinda with Nick. Steve was the Tour Leader and Belinda was his side kick. Nick was the dive guide for one of the 3 boats we used.

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