Truk Lagoon, Micronesia.

6 to 16 April 2007.

All 17 of us, Shane, Greg, Murray, Becky, Rob, Heath, Peter, Deryleen, Cameron, Pierre, Steve, Belinda, Darren, Ben, Shona, Toni and myself had been waiting since August 2006 for the day to arrive to pack our gear, catch 3 planes and dive the magnificent Truk Lagoon. We all met at the International Airport in Cairns at about 9PM on the Friday. We checked in and had another 3 hours before the Continental flight to Guam at 10 minutes past midnight. Upon arrival at Guam, we had a further 4 hour stop over before the flight to Chuuck. As with most international tourists, some of us slept, some wandered around and the rest of us just sat there staring into space, like Mondayitis.

At Chuuck International Airport, we were met by about 10 taxis as we were not the only group to be visiting the wrecks this week. There was our group from Pro Dive in Brisbane, 13 more from Dive Dive Dive, also in Brisbane and another group whom I do not recall their name or where they were from. We got to the Blue lagoon Resort and started to prepare for our first dives in paradise with the Blue Lagoon Dive Shop.

The next morning, bright and early (yeah, bright and early is 9AM island time), the serious wreck diving started.

To see all the dive photos and descriptions of the wrecks, click here.

After each dive, we came back to the resort for lunch in the resorts restaurant. I usually had fresh fish with chips (an Aussie thing I thought) and a short rest in our room before heading out for the afternoon dive at around 1PM. Once the afternoon dive was completed, we would head back to the resort where we stored our gear in the "Gear Locker" and I took my camera back to my room to view and copy the days photos to my laptop. This went on for 7 days. 16 dives for up to an hour each and 2 snorkels in 7 days is quite a bit of diving. Also considering some of these wrecks are up to 60 meters to the bottom, like the San Francisco Maru.

Dinner was always in the restaurant again with the rest of our team, where we exchanged thoughts on the days diving. As the week went on though, the chatting became a little more subdued as the group started getting pretty tired towards the end.

Blue Lagoon Resort itself is a beautiful place. We spent the entire 7 days within the boundaries of the resort without ever feeling like we had to get away. The grounds are immaculately kept, there is a small supermarket which sells everything from lollies to frozen meat to gas operated cookers. I have a few photos of the resort here.

The trip was excellent also as I knew everyone of the divers in our group.

After our holiday, it was time to head home.

Overall, I am very happy with the way the trip went. The flights and waiting at the airport were the only real downside. 8 hours flying each way plus 4 hours here, 24 hours there,12 hours waiting there.. It all adds up.

I am glad to be home, but it will be a few weeks before I get back into the water I think.

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