Blue Lagoon Resort.

Located on the south western tip of Moen Island (N7 24.782 E151 50.575), the resort has immaculate grounds and staff.

The Blue Lagoon Reception foyer

Looking southwest from the area behind our room

The dive boats moored at the dive shop. Our boat was one of the ones with an orange covering to the left in the photo.

Shane taking a stroll along the south eastern shoreline.

This area can accommodate a wedding, reception, BBQ, party of other function. It is located in the south eastern corner of the resort.

Looking towards the west from the resort. No chance of surfing here...

A reminder of the war days. There are many reminders from Operation Hailstorm over the island.

The free dive gear lockers are situated right next to the pier where the dive boats leave from so they are very handy.

Some of the boys on the first day relaxing in the grounds.

"The Local". The bar opens at about 4:30PM each day. It is a great place to stop for a drink after a days diving. Over the years, many people have signed the walls of this establishment. So, I did too :)

Jayleen runs "The Local". A quiet one this bar tender..

Sunset from the pier. An islander going home after work? Moen has some of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen. (S.N.A.G I know)

Another S.N.A.G. shot..

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