Welcome to the pages of Casper, The Friendly Ghost.

In Brisbane, Australia, it is currently


The Friendlyghost just got back from his 2010 US holiday. Have a look at what this fella got up to here.

Jeff and his Dad visited the rellies in October 08. Click here to see how the trip went.

It has been quite a while since I first developed my web page. Now, I have decided to revamp it.. Just for something to do.

What would you like to see?

The Friendly Ghost growing up? (or has he??)

My family? (proof I am NOT an orphan)

My friends? (free ones too)

How about my special ladies? (I am such a tart!)

My history in my chosen profession (as professional as I want to be anyway)

No? Well, how about some of the STUPID things I to get up to? (me on a normal night)

Click here for my secret page! (password required - may change from time to time)

After a few requests, I have put up my Personal Docs page again. (A bit of my mind)

I have a new hobby now. I have taken up SCUBA diving. (I hope this doesn't make me shark bait!)

Other stuff I have an interest in. (If you dare)

Online Games I like to play. (Even I get bored)

My 2006 trip to The Isa for a special friend's birthday party. (I am still not as old as you Mandy!) 

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